C9 Petroleum Resin

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C9 petroleum resin is a byproduct of ethylene unit C9 fraction as the main raw material, in the presence of catalyst polymerization, or with aldehydes, aromatic hydrocarbons, terpene compounds in polymerization of thermoplastic resins. Its molecular weight is generally less than 2 000, the softening point of less than 150 ℃, thermoplastic viscous liquids or solids. Due to its low softening point, relatively small molecular weight, generally not used alone as material. Due to C9 oil resin of structure in the not containing polar group, has good of resistance water, and acid alkaline, and resistance waiting sex and resistance light aging sex, in organic solvent in the of dissolved sex good, and other resin of compatible sex good, also has brittle, and increased viscous, and bond sex and plasticity, main for paint, and rubber additives, and paper additives, and ink and adhesive, field, market demand big.