C9 Resin Raw Materials

C9 petroleum resin raw materials cracking fractions is boiling point 240 ° c within the range of more than 150 species of aromatic components of complex mixtures, no fixed composition, and very dispersed and difficult to separate. From the perspective of synthesis, can be divided into two categories. A class of active components that can be aggregated, such as styrene and vinyl, such as toluene, two cyclopentadiene; other non-active ingredients, such as alkyl benzene and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, such as, in the aggregate, to the reaction of the solvent is distilled out. C9 raw materials generally contain approximately 50% of polymer monomer. C9 fraction components, and higher boiling point, it is difficult to separate, rich in unsaturated olefin, C9 fractions suitable for the production of petroleum resin raw materials.

Structural performance

Has a ring structure, containing part of the double bond, cohesion. No polarity or functional groups in the molecule, no chemical activity. Acid and alkali resistance, good chemical resistance, water resistance. Poor adhesion, brittleness, poor resistance to ageing, should not be used alone. And phenolic resins, COUMARONE resins, terpene resin, SBR, SIS compatibility is good, but because of the polar and non-polar polymer compatibility. Combustible. Nontoxic. Used primarily for SBS adhesive, SBS coating, adhesive, pressure sensitive adhesives, hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives, adhesives tackifying resin. Can also be used for neoprene adhesive to reduce cost, the right dosage does not reduce neoprene adhesive bond strength.