Cycloaliphatic Hydrogenated Petroleum Resin (DCPD hydrogenated petroelum resin)

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:SH-DP

  • Characteristic:Thermoplastic Resin

  • Color:White

Product Description

PropertyTest Method and UnitSpecification Range
Softening PointRing&Ball,°C100~130
ColorHazen,50%Toluene Solution  Max.5050 max
Acid ValuemgKOH/g1 max
Ash Contentwt.%0.01 max
Melt Viscosity(160°C)mPa.s 650 max

water white cycloaliphatic hydrocarbon resin.Cycloaliphatic hydrogenated petroleum resin is designed to tackify a variety of adhesive polymers including EVA,SIS and SEBS block copolymers, metallocene polyolefins, AA and APAO.
A. cycloaliphatic hydrogenaed hydrocarbon resin has good viscosity increases, compatibility, thermal stability and light stability, and can improve the adhesiveness of the adhesive properties, is essential for many adhesive tackifying components. Widely used in hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive and other adhesive industries.
B.It is applicable for paint addictives, which can enhance the tenacity, hardness and adhesive force of dope and form smooth paint surface, and could keep its stability in different temperatures of seasons.
C.As the additives of Medical containers and packaging materials(Such as blood storage bags, packaging bags of liquid drugs, infusion tubes, etc.) , could improve their heat resistance, transparency and flexibility. It is also used in rubber, plastics, optical recording materials 
D. Other applications: Construction of the structure , decoration, automobile assembly, tires, packaging, bookbinding, hygiene products, shoes, hot-melt of traffic paint, colored asphalt and other industries.