Petroleum Resin Structure

The chemical structure of petroleum resin model:

Production and application of petroleum resins up to C9 petroleum resin, C5 petroleum resin.

C9 petroleum resin

C9 petroleum resin, in particular to include nine carbon atoms "or cyclic olefin polymerization of olefins or with aldehydes, aromatic hydrocarbons, terpene compounds such as copolymer made" resin material.

C9 petroleum resin, also known as aromatic petroleum resins, into hot polymerization, Leng Ju, tar and other types by cold poly products light color, good quality, average molecular weight 2000~5000. light yellow to light brown flakes, granules or lump of solid, transparent and shiny, the relative density 0.97~1.04. Softening point 80~140℃. Glass transition temperature of 81 degrees. Refractive index of 1.512. Flash point 260 ℃. 0.1~1.0 acid. Iodine value 30~120. Soluble in acetone, methyl ethyl ketone, cyclohexane, ethylene dichloride, ethyl acetate, toluene, gasoline, etc. Insoluble in ethanol and water. Has a ring structure, containing part of the double bond, cohesion. No polarity or functional groups in the molecule, no chemical activity. Acid and alkali resistance, good chemical resistance, water resistance. Poor adhesion, brittleness, poor resistance to ageing, should not be used alone. And phenolic resins, COUMARONE resins, terpene resin, SBR, SIS compatibility is good, but because of the polar and non-polar polymer compatibility. Combustible. Nontoxic.

C5 petroleum resin

C5 petroleum resin, with its high Peel adhesion, good sticky melt viscosity, stable adhesive properties, moderate, good heat resistance, and polymer matrix

Capacity is good, and the price is low, began to gradually replace the natural resin adhesion agent (terpene resin and rosin).

Fine C5 petroleum resin of hot melt Adhesive characteristics: mobility, can improve the wettability of the subject material, sticky, with prominent initial adhesion performance. Excellent resistance to ageing, light, transparent, low odor, low volatile matter. Hot-melt Adhesive, alone, ZC-1288D series as tackifying resin or other viscous resin mix in order to improve certain characteristics of hot melt adhesives