Paint & Coating

Paint & Coating

Shenghong Hydrocarbon Resin have good compatibility with long oil alkyd resin. Varnish made of Shenghong Hydrocarbon Resin give high transparency and gloss. 


Shenghong Hydrocarbon Resin is specially designed for Hot Melt road marking Paint , with good flow-ability and stability, helps to increase adhesion, drying time and abrasion resistance.

C5 Hydrocarbon Resin Used In Hot Melt Road Marking Paint

C9 Petroleum Resin Used In Paint

ItemsPaint & Coating  Application 
Hot Melt Marking PaintPaint (Melt antirust, Alkyd paint, Vanish,external coatings)
C5 Hydrocarbon ResinSH-288S
C9 Hydrocarbon resinSH-L120