Polyurethane Adhesive
Product Details
TypeProduct NameModelAppearanceSolid content   (%)Viscosity at   mPa·s,25IngredientDensity (20 ° C,   g / m 3 )Description / Use
8100Two-component   solvent-free polyurethane adhesiveSH-8100ALight yellow transparent liquid100900-1300NCO1.14Suitable   for the compounding of various plastic films: OPP, CPP, LDPE, PET, PA,   aluminized film, cellophane, paper, etc.
SH-8100BLight yellow transparent liquid100500-700OH0.96
9260aluminum/plastic   high temperature cooking adhesiveSH-9260ALight yellow transparent liquid60 ± 23000 ± 1000

For   PET / / AL / / CPP, PET / / AL / / PA / / CPP and other structures, can also   be used for plastic / plastic composite
SH-9260BColorless or light yellow transparent liquid70 ± 21000 ± 500

9270two-component   polyurethane adhesiveSH-9270ALight yellow transparent liquid7 5 ±2%3500±1000Ethyl   acetate
 for   composite processing of food packaging materials such as PET/CPP and   PET/PA/CPP plastic film.
SH-9270BColorless or light yellow transparent liquid7 2 ±2%500±200Ethyl acetate
8270two-component   polyurethane adhesiveSH-8270ALight yellow transparent   liquid7 2 ±2%3000±500Ethyl acetate
for   composite processing of food packaging materials such as PET, PA, PE, CPP,   VMPET plastic film
SH-8270BColorless   or light yellow transparent liquid7 0 ±2%2000±500Ethyl acetate
8272two-component   polyurethane adhesiveSH-8272ALight   yellow transparent liquid7 2 ±2%2000 - 3000Ethyl acetate
suitable for the   combination of BOPP, PET , PA, etc. ,which is expected to be treated with CPP   , PE and other films.
SH-8272BLight   yellow transparent liquid7 0 ±2%1000-2000Ethyl acetate
8277two-component   polyurethane adhesiveSH- 8277ALight   yellow transparent liquid66 ±2%6500 ± 1500 Ethyl acetate
suitable   for the intended compound treated BOPP, PET, PA, etc. between the AL, CPP,   VMCPP, VMPET, PE film 
SH- 8277BLight yellow transparent liquid75 ±2%300 ± 150Ethyl acetate
5170two-component   polyurethane adhesiveSH-5170ALight   yellow transparent liquid70 ± 24000± 1000Ethanol
Suitable for BOPP, PET, PE, CPP and other films   and VMCPP, VMPET film structure composite.
SH-5170BLight   yellow transparent liquid70 ± 235 ± 5Ethanol
6816two-component   polyurethane adhesiveSH -6816ALight yellow transparent liquid75±2%1000-1500Ethyl acetate
a high solid content low viscosity polyurethane   adhesive with good leveling and high peel strength. It can be used with high   mesh wire roller at high concentration, saving solvent and saving production.   Cost and lower residue.   
SH -6816BLight yellow transparent liquid75±2%1000-1500Ethyl acetate
8286two-component   polyurethane adhesiveSH-8286ALight yellow transparent liquid75±2%3500 ± 1000Ethyl acetate
suitable for the combination of BOPP , PET , PA,   etc. , which are expected to be treated with CPP , PE , Kraft paper and other   materials .
SH-8286BLight yellow transparent liquid75±2%1500 ± 500Ethyl acetate

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