Polyurethane Resin 75
Polyurethane Resin 75
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ITEM AppearanceSolid Content (%)   Viscosity(25℃, mPa·s) Solvent
SH-GS175 Water-white 75±3 500-2000 EA/IPA=1/1
SH-GS170 Water-white 70±3 700-300 EA/IPA=1/1
SH-GS170B Water-white 70±3 1700±400 EA/IPA=77/23


1. Excellent adhesion on different plastic films

2. High gloss

3. Excellent fat and grease resistance

4. Excellent wetting ability for pigment

5. Good alcohol soluble ability

6. Good stable storage ability

7. Toluene and MEK free, excellent environmental protection performance

APPLICATION: BOPP (Corona treated), PET, NY, CPP, PVDC and so on.

PACKAGING: 180kgs/drum, 80drums with pallet, 14400kgs/1x20’GP.

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